A few things have caught my eye (of the camera) around our place (and beyond).

The first is our Tiki God who is the serious watchman at our front entry. Like others we’ve known, his diet plans aren’t working:


Next we had a few chicks running through our garden who also had a dietary question


One of my favorite pictures is of Cisco, the calf that Beth and Larry rescued. He thought he was family:

2014-06-10_17-58-54 2
And while on the subject of the smaller free range ones in the family..it’s all about life’s lessons:

Usually hard-working boots gather no moss. It can grow under and over your feet if you’re at the beach too much. Tom calls this “Boot Hill”:

It’s summertime and a photo-op paradise around here. Be grateful that I spared you the vehicle repair shots. They’re not as pretty.