“Lorraine Brodek has written a warm, FUNNY, affectionate account of her warm, FUNNY, affectionate life. Utterly charming…much like the lady herself.”

Rock Icons, Pat Benatar and Neil ‘Spyder’ Giraldo. Pat is the best-selling author, Between a Heart and a Rock Place.

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Praise for Lorraine Holnback Brodek’s Books

"A truly fun read"

A Nobody in a Somebody World was a truly fun read. Not only due to the adventures of the author (with her Somebody Friend Erma), but is a chance to catch up on Hollywood types we may have lost track of over the years. Important things like who divorced who, who re-married whom, who succeeded and who vanished into who-knows-where (maybe even Long Beach). In short a really amusing and downright good gossip!


"You Will Love This Woman!"

This book made me laugh out loud so many times! Ms. Brodek is funny, fun-loving, and witty in a way that requires a great deal of intelligence. She doesn’t take herself very seriously whether talking about Hollywood or living in Hawaii, and her descriptions are often priceless. I would love to meet her and I strongly suspect she has a very big fan club of friends. I wish she wrote a newspaper column – it would be the first thing I read every day!


“A MUST read!”

This book will keep you hooked and entertained! Lorraine has a hilarious way of making the stories so visual you would think you were along for the ride. I hope she has more books under her belt ready to unbuckle! From Hollywood to Beverly Hills, to the film industry and the entertaining life in Hana, you just don’t want the stories to end!!

Jeannie A.

"Perfect holiday tradition gift"

Peeky Peeker will now be a holiday tradition for our family. Such a great idea and excellent story.
The book is so unique in it’s approach to bullying and has helped me help my kids with their own situations. I’m really excited about moving the lights on the tree around. This will really surprise my
children and give them something to watch/do before X~Mas.

Lynn B.

"Peeky Peeper is a Keeper"

This adorable children’s book is a must for parents and grandparents and friends looking for the perfect Christmas gift. In this world of electronics, it is particularly delightful to find a book that is fun to read to the ‘younger set’ and well constructed too. The plot is very real and addresses the subject of bullying in a new way, not preachy and lecturing but relevant and understandable to young minds. Hooray for Peeky Peeper, I say!

Bizzy L.


I haven’t done a picture in this book yet but I love the format of it. I look forward to working in it. There are tips including medium suggestions, a line guide in the back you can cut out to help follow the grid lines. The author also mentions you can transfer the images to cross stitch patterns. I would love to see more of these books.


"Color and Stitch!!"

Just received the book and dove right in! It’s great fun and presents more of a challenge than color by number. I like it more and definitely will be purchasing the second one! I like that the puzzles are separated by blank pages for alcohol markers. Definitely recommend, especially if you also like to cross stitch!


"Coloring and puzzle fun!"

Everybody knows the adult coloring book fad has gotten big recently. Some of the coloring books are really beautiful, with detailed, intricate drawings that would take all day to complete just one. That’s probably what a lot of people are looking for, but if you’re looking for something fun, easy and surprising, no matter whether you’re a kid or an adult, the color-coded Griddles is the book for you!

Serafina M.

"Color and Stitch!!"

My family has loved this coloring book! I have a four-and-a-half year old daughter who has really enjoyed working on completing the pictures with me. I have been able to give her the “code” (a combination of the column and row) and she has been able to color and follow along. She loves being able to try and guess what the picture is before it’s complete and I think her guesses are pretty cute. The pictures are cute and simple. 

Florence C.

About Lorraine


Lorraine is a former needlecraft designer who formed her own company (Fingerworks, Inc.) during the 1970’s and 80’s. With this marketing experience, she ventured back into her chosen field of film and television and rose up the ranks as an executive with Warner Bros. (Time-Warner). She is also a landscaping professional, author, humorist and artist. She has published four books: “The Tale of Peeky Peeper” (a fun children’s rhyming Holiday book, which she also illustrated); followed by her humorous memoir, “A Nobody in a Somebody World: My Hollywood Life in Beverly Hills.” 



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