…cont’d from last week:

Carolyn Howard Johnson (www.howtodoitfrugally.com) loves spiders. In fact she even wrote a poem: “The Man I Love DSCN3116and The Writing Spider.” She begged me to send her a picture of one of our “Writing Spiders” also known as the cane spider–so named for hanging out in the sugar cane fields in Hawaii. It earned its “Writing” credentials because of the big white “X” it makes in the center of its web. It then lurks behind the ominous big “X” by aligning each of its legs with the letter…definitely Draculean. And cane spiders are HUGE…about the size of a sardine can. Carolyn thought ours was “beautiful.” Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I think she might need a couple of swigs of carrot juice as an eyesight enhancer while she’s authoring her award-winning frugal series. http://bit.ly/FrugalBookPromo.

th-23 2Super funny Barb Best (www.barbbest.com) is not a fan of anything spider! “I’m not keen on hairy predators capable of injecting venom. They are–can we just say it–ghastly unattractive in their appearance (sorry Carolyn) and behavior.” However, the one thing that Barb does admire …”the eating of the male by the female after they mate. Saves a lot of time and money on divorce lawyers.” When I told her about the sardine-can size of our cane spiders, she said, “That’s terrifying. In L.A. (particularly Beverly Hills) we have dogs smaller than that!

P1050521It’s hubby Tom who has the best solution for putting the crab spider to sleep…permanently. It’s called a propane torch. Kind of like a giant barbecue lighter. Nighty Night, Spidey. Poof!P1040347


My bedroom nightmares are over…oh…except for George Clooney, of course.  (Please see Part 1).