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Having read The Tale of Peeky Peeper in its entirety, I can honestly say that I found relatively few punctuation errors.

—”Weird Al” Yankovic, author of best-selling children’s book When I Grow Up (this would also be a good title when he writes his autobiography). Some of his other day jobs are singer-songwriter (Grammy’s, Gold Records, Top-10), comedian, accordionist who plays polka in gaudy Hawaiian shirts. You know…the Eat It guy.

You better watch out…you better Peeky Peep? In Lorraine Brodek’s new book, The Tale of Peeky Peeperreaders both young and old will learn about Team Peep making them a new holiday tradition for years to come. So read this fun holiday adventure with your family and welcome Peeky Peeper into your hearts and home and have a Peeky Merry Christmas!

—Jamey M. Long, author of A Possum’s Holiday and History Series and owner of A Possum’s Company, LLC.