Lorraine Brodek


How can you not read a book with a chapter titled ‘Porno and Public TV?’ Lorraine Brodek is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, and no surprise to those who know her, a very funny writer. She was also a good friend to my mom, Erma Bombeck. Her stories about growing up in Beverly Hills, encounters with celebs and a near-death experience in the Grand Canyon with our family are priceless!

—Matt Bombeck, screenwriter, producer; and Erma Bombeck’s family.

Lorraine Brodek has written a warm, FUNNY, affectionate account of her warm, FUNNY, affectionate life. Utterly charming…much like the lady herself.

—Rock Icons, Pat Benatar and Neil ‘Spyder’ Giraldo. Pat is the best-selling author, Between a Heart ad a Rock Place.

Nobody”  is the kind of book you want to read from cover to cover in one sitting. It’s both funny and informative, which is a rare combination in any piece of writing. LoLo, as her grandchildren call her, allows us not only into her super-active life but into the lives of those who reside in the Kingdom of Showbiz, a mythical empire that stretches from Beverly Hills to Hawaii, taking in places as diverse as Hollywood and Phoenix. You’ll roar with laughter as she fights wild pigs in Maui and grumble with anger as she fends off human pigs in Tinseltown. Nobody is bound to be a best seller. Buy it. You’ll love it!

—Al Martinez, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, humorist, columnist L.A. Daily News.