Lorraine Brodek

My Life as a Hollywood Nobody

My book: A Nobody in a Somebody World; My Hollywood Life in Beverly Hills is officially released! I’ll be telling some fun stories about the wonderful people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had. Okay…maybe some that were not so wonderful, at times bawdy, but many that were LOL humorous.

(Left) The famous Grand Canyon Rafting trip; August, 1976. The photo appeared in Woman’s Day magazine in 1991. Starting at the left (front row) is Matt Bombeck, his brother Andy, then “Mom” Erma and me (in white hat). Sis Betsy Bombeck is peeking over my right shoulder and “Dad” Bill is in the back right with that stupid ribbon on his straw hat. A Nobody in a Somebody World is dedicated to Erma with the eulogy I gave at her funeral about our near-death, yet hilarious, experience hiking down the Bright Angel Trail to meet the river rafts at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.